The Expect Effect Call Me Nik
Going forward we will no longer be producing The Expect Effect Podcast. Think of it as dead in the water. This show was originally developed by combining my personal experiences with a desire for greater inclusion. I was adamant about the message and the path I was on, but as with everything, growth is inevitable. When all episodes were essentially wiped from our partner platforms, I was already in a state of confusion, and this only added to it. I couldn't precisely pinpoint the cause of this problem. Perhaps it was the weight of so many combined experiences that I couldn't shake. Changes in relationships, family troubles, and financial difficulties coupled with depression, grief, and anxiety. Was I trying to avoid something bigger by making this work? Knowing that my ideas, values, and principles are directly aligned with something more profound than many of the surface-level conversations I had during the early stages of production. So, what’s next? This. This is for the niggas. Strictly for the niggas. The real niggas. Those who, like me, live beyond the binary. Those who recognize the subconscious violence that leads so many people to believe that everyone is capable of healing. For those who can and those who cannot live openly. Those who understand that expecting better, doing better, and believing better is a path to progress rather than perfection. So, with that, I say. Life is hard, but self-care and the true embrace of overall wellness does not have to be. Thank you to every single listener and guest who has contributed to this platform over the last two years; our first episode aired on 10/1/19 and it has been a roller coaster ride ever since. I am overjoyed with what has already been written, and this next chapter is truly something special. Call Me Nik airs this fall.
Don’t cha wish your publicist was hot like mine?
Introducing Laura Miller
Laura Miller is the Editor in Chief of The SistaGurl Blog, where she empowers women to be their true selves: confident, strong, honest, and, most importantly, powerful. She is a freelance writer who has worked for Ebony Magazine, Jet Magazine, and Six Brown Chicks, as well as Rolling Out Magazine. She is also the owner and operator of SG Media and Entertainment, the latest addition to the SistaGurl Brand, where she provides media training, public relations, management, and corporate marketing strategies for community-centered and diversity-focused organizations. She brings over 8 years of journalism experience, 3 years of public relations expertise, and a decade of corporate talent acquisition, human resources, and project management experience to this venture. She actively uses her extensive business, media, and entertainment experience to provide her clients with unique insight and strategic innovation that sets her apart from the majority of her industry's competitors. This energized wife and mother of two devotes her life to free expression and uses her words to impact and be a voice for the voiceless. Sheen Magazine's Hot Tea, SG Mystique LIVE, Black Men - Intellectual Property, and SG Girl's love Hip-Hop are among the live interactive series hosted by the Chicago native. All of the formatted shows highlight and exemplify African American community members and creatives in the hopes of recreating the narrative of Blacks in America.